In the company's activities are included:

  • The excavation, production and marketing of marble chips, marble powder, construction materials 3A, E4, pebble, gravel and grit.
  • The manufacture of each type and form of construction in the Nationally -owned and Private Sector
  • The exploitation of real estates

In order to achieve its aims, «LATOMIA TIRNAVOY S.A» placed as company's philosophy the following, irrefrangible in each case terms:
For the operation needs of the two of the biggest quarries of Central Greece wide scale inquiring work has been done. In order that the annual production of marble chips and marble powder to reach 500.000 tones all the essential installations have been manufactured. The samplings and laboratorial examinations of the raw material showed that the physiochemical attributes of the material, its excellent chemical constitution in combination with the suitable process give the ability of producing excellent fractions of marble chips and marble powder. These products can be used in more applications comparing with similar one that are produced from other quarries in Greece.
Indicative, certain fractions of our marble powder can be used in:

  • Buildings' coating
  • Producing animals food (forage)
  • Producing medicines (pharmacy)
  • Producing detergents and bleaches
  • Producing cars' tyres
  • Producing different types of paints (paint manufacturing)

Finally the company sells also in other countries than Greece big quantities of marble chips and marble powder of excellent quality and cleanliness either without package either packed in bags.
The administration of «LATOMIA TIRNAVOY S.A» for its orthologic and more effective development has placed as company's objectives:

  • Constructions' quality, constructions' cost and constructions' completion time do not object to each other but are equivalent parameters of each activity.
  • The effort for growth, for perfection of organisational structure, for strict enforcement of processes, for quality's improvement, for ensuring occupational health and safety, for standardisation of know-how, for using new and advanced equipment and methods should be continuous.
  • The feeling of satisfaction that the completion of each construction creates in the Company's Personnel should never be considered less important than the economic result.

The successful construction can only be ensured with the harmonious collaboration of all involving factors.

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Latomeia Tyrnavou S.A.
Offices: Vlastis 5 and Lagou, Larissa
Quarry: 4th km Tirnavou - Elassonas

Construction Projects

The company Quarries Tyrnavou S.A. contractor holds a 5th class and undertakes the construction of public and private projects throughout Greece.

Quarry's Products

Quarry's Crushed Sand, Crushed Filling Material (Ε4), Crushed Material For Road Making (3Α), Crushed Material, Quarry's Marble Dust, Marble Mosaic Stone, Gravel


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